WIGS-Forum Discussion List

The WIGS discussion list is a forum for members and those with related interests to communicate electronically. We are keen for more members to join, because it is the only way of advertising events to members without the expensive mail shots of former years. So far the list has been used for conference announcements and calls for papers, discussion of teaching materials and research queries, debates on WIGS matters, reports on conferences, and professional news about WIGS members. Relevant book announcements are very welcome, however the aim of the list is not commercial advertisement.

The list was launched in November 1996, and currently has around 200 members, mostly in Britain but also in the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and Austria.

If you have not yet joined the wigs-forum, perhaps you could consider giving it a trial for a few months? There is relatively little traffic, and it is helpful to WIGS if members can be kept up-to-date with events in this way. The service is run by JISCmail; messages are archived automatically and can be searched at any time. If you have any quesitons concerning the list, please contact one of the list owners: Katya Krylova and Madeleine Brook .

To join the list, or change your settings, please follow the instructions on the WIGS JISCmail page.