11-12 NOVEMBER 2011

Friday 11 November

Postgraduate Training
Details to be announced.
Panel 1, Memory and Politics
Leeds Humanities Research Institute
Nicole Sparwasser (Leeds): 'British press representation of dissident activities in the GDR'
Jen Grogan: (Nottingham): 'The lost Heimat in East German expellee monuments'
Karina Berger (Leeds): 'Questioning the notion of division: blurred boundaries between public and private memories of German wartime suffering during the 1970s and 1980s'
Public Reading by Sabine Deitmer & Gisa Kloenne

Heart Centre, Headingley

Talking about feminism and the detective novel are Sabine Deitmer, author of Bye Bye Bruno, Auch Brave Mädchen tun's and a series of detective novels featuring Beate Stein; and Gisa Kloenne, author of Der Wald ist Schweigen, Unter dem Eis and Farben Der Schuld, which feature Judith Krieger.

Dinner in Headingley


Saturday 12 November

Registration: Heart Centre, Headingley
Panel 2, Mediaeval and Early Modern Studies
Anne Simon: 'Writing the World from Inside: the Letters of Katerina Lemmel'

Elizabeth Andersen (Newcastle): ‘Printing and Distributing Low German Devotional Writing. The Case of Lübeck’

Parallel Panels: Hybridities in German Culture
Panel 3
Leila Mukhida (IGS, University of Birmingham), ‘An Examination of Subversive Laughter in Angelina Maccarone’s Alles Wird Gut
Áine McMurtry (Durham): ‘Voicing Displacement in German-Language Writings by Yoko Tawada'
Kate Roy:  ‘Making Space: Innenräume and a Politics of the Private in German popular literature by “Muslim” women writers’


Panel 4


Cathy Gelbin (Manchester): ‘Poetics versus Genetics: German and Austrian Jewish Narratives of Contemporary Israel’

Silke Schwaiger (Southampton): ‘Challenging the Literary Canon? Authors of the Second Migrant Generation in Austria’

Annette Seidel Arpaci (Columbia), ‘Sincerity and Sisterhood? Hip-Hop, Gender and 'Islam' in Germany’

Lunch and WIGS AGM
Parallel Panels: Contemporary Theatre & Literature
Panel 5

Nóra de Buiteléir (Galway): ‘Theatre as a Site of Interethnic Reconciliation: The Case of Südtirol/Alto Adige’

Sinéad Crowe (Limerick): ‘Old Age in Contemporary German Theatre’

Simone Schroth (Newcastle): '"Wie ich es schaffte, keinen Mann zu kriegen'': The Email Novel as 'Frauenliteratur'?'
Panel 6

Claudia Gremler (Aston): ‘”Ich habe zu viele Geschichten in mir, die machen mir das Leben schwer”: Analysing the “intertextual depth” in Judith Hermann’s Sommerhaus, später

Gillian Pye (UCD): ‘Belongings: materiality and identity in recent German women’s writing’

Emily Jeremiah (Royal Holloway, University of London) ‘The Case of Helene Hegemann: The Girl in German Literary Culture’

Panel 7: Literature from the Nineteenth to the Twentieth Century

Jutta Kling (St. Andrews, Tübingen), ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: Re-reading Theodor Fontane’

Dagmar Paulus (Nottingham), ‘Remembering Two Mad Women: Adalbert Stifter’s Turmalin (1852) and Wilhelm Raabe’s Im Siegeskranze (1866)’

Caroline Summers (Manchester), ‘”An East German Virginia Woolf?” The Appropriation of Christa Wolf by Feminist Narratives in Translation’