'Myths and Mythmaking'

hosted by the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow
Pollock Halls, Edinburgh, 28-31 July 2000


Friday 28 July

16.00 Arrival Edinburgh Pollock Halls; tea
17.00 Welcome (Frances Dow, Dean and Provost, University of Edinburgh; Helen Chambers, St Andrews)
17.30 Karen Leeder (Oxford), Angels
18.30 Dinner
20.30 Bachmann panel
Monika Albrecht (Münster), Mythos Ingeborg Bachmann: Eine kritische Bilanz
Sara Lennox (Massachussets), The Woman Who Rode Away: Mexican mythology and Ingeborg Bachmann

Saturday 29 July

10.00 Christa Wolf panel
Brigid Haines (Swansea), Paradigm, Perfection, Possibility: The deconstruction of myth in Christa Wolf's Kassandra project
Helen Bridge (Oxford), Christa Wolf's Kassandra and Medea: continuity and change
Ancient myth
Heike Bartel (Nottingham Trent), 'Die unerhörte Tat: Zur Rezeption des Medea-Mythos'
Georgina Paul (Warwick), Multiple Refractions, or Winning Movement out of Myth: Barbara Köhler's poem-cycle 'Elektra. Spiegelungen'
PARALLEL Fairy-tale and legend
Jeannine Blackwell (Kentucky), Founding Mothers v. Supergirls? Women narrating legendary queens from c. 1800 to 1900
Loreley French (Pacific), Merlin revisited: Dorothea Schlegel's 'Geschichte des Zauberers Merlin'
Mererid Puw Davies (UCL), 'Ein furchtbares Spektakelstück': the tale of Bluebeard on the German stage
Meg Mumford (Glasgow), Pina Bausch and Bluebeard
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Dis/closures
Adriana Cavarero, Feminist approaches to mythmaking
Karen Seago, The mythic intertext in Grimms' KHM 50: 'Dornröschen'
Renate Rechtien (Bath), Christa Wolf's Medea: Stimmen
Patricia Herminghouse (Rochester), Taking Back the Myth and Magic: 'The Heroic Testament' of Irmtraud Morgner
Agatha Schwartz (Ottawa), Rosa Mayreder's Anda Renata: a female Faust?
Elisabeth Siekhaus (Mills College), Faustina, She-Devil, or Forever Gretchen: the casting of women in popular culture's Faust stories
16.00 Tea
16.30 POSTER SESSION: details soon
18.30 Dinner
21.30 Ceilidh

Sunday 30 July

10.00 Myths of creativity
Susanne Kord (Georgetown), Myths of Poetic Inspiration: eighteenth-century women peasant poets and the bourgeois literary imagination
Ann McGlashan (Baylor), 'Art was made by men for men': the myth of the non-creative woman in 19th-century Germany
Max Leefe (Johns Hopkins), The construction of a myth: Sigmund Freud's Moses and monotheism and the structural images of support
Laura McLary (Portland), Georg's Grete: the incest myth and creative genius
PARALLEL Manipulating myth
Gisela Roethke (Dickinson), The Use of Ancient Greek and Christian Myths in Elisabeth Langgässer's Novels
Ann Lawson (Birmingham), The manipulation of myth: a study of Thomas Mann's Joseph und seine Brüder as a work of its time
Birgit Haas, Myths in Modern Theatre: George Tabori's late plays and the Jewish-Christian tradition
Undine Weber (Rhodes, SA), Wolfgang Koeppens System im Umgang mit Mythen
Free afternoon (no lunch provided)
20.00 Dinner in town

Monday 31 July

9.30 Myths of Sex and Gender
Beth Linklater (Swansea), 'Philomena's Revenge': challenges to rape in recent writing in German
Mihaela Zaharia (Bucharest), Das mythische Bild des Hermaphroditen
Elke Liebs (Potsdam), Biblical women
PARALLEL (Domi)nation
Ingrid Sharp (Leeds), Mythmaking and Gender Relations after Two World Wars
Clare Flanagan (Bristol), Political Myth in German Intellectual Debate in the late 40s
Branka Schaller (London), The Adaptation of Greek Mythology in Postwar Theatre
11.00 Coffee
11.15 Elizabeth Boa (Nottingham), Silencing the Sirens: Odysseus and the sirens and some motifs in Wedekind and Kafka
12.15 WIGS business meeting
13.00 Lunch and departure