11th Annual Conference 1999

Saturday 13 November 1999

Centre for European Studies
Faculty of Languages and European Studies
University of the West of England, Bristol

9.00-9.50 Registration and coffee
9.50-10.00 Welcome and introduction (Gisela Shaw)
10.00-11.30 Panel 1:
10.00-10.25 Caroline Bland (Sheffield), 'Der Schrei nach dem Kinde: motherhood in the Kaiserreich'
10.25-10.50 Ingrid Sharp (Leeds), 'Das Weib als Sexualverbrecherin: female criminality and the threat to social order'
10.50-11.15 Sarah Colvin (Edinburgh), 'Activists and Rebels: social and political drama by women in the early 20th century'
11.15-11.40 Discussion
11.40-12.00 Coffee
12.00-13.30 Panel 2:
12.00-12.25 Lyn Marven (Oxford), 'Women in Wheelchairs: marginalisation, social spaces and literature in Libuse Mon¡kov 's Pavane für eine verstorbene Infantin and Ines Eck's Steppenwolfidyllen'
12.25-12.50 Emily Jeremiah (Swansea), 'The Hand that Rocks the Cradle: maternity, agency and community in recent women's writing in German'
12.50-13.15 Kerstin Mey (Dundee), 'Inter-Cession: three women artists in Berlin'
13.15-13.30 Discussion
13.30-14.30 Lunch
14.30-15.30 Business
15.30-15.55 Tea
15.55-17.00 Panel 3:
15.55-16.20 Julia Teschner (Bath), 'Civil Society and Women's Movements in the German Democratic Republic'
16.20-16.45 Mechthild Matheja-Theaker (UWE, Bristol), 'Women and Poverty: an examination of the situation of women in Germany'
16.45-17.00 Discussion
17.00 Close