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University of Cambridge

Christine Achinger

University of Warwick

  • Critical social theory
  • Constructions of gender, class, nation and race, and their intersections
  • History and theory of antisemitism
  • German-Jewish history

Elizabeth Andersen

Newcastle University

  • Medieval German Studies
  • Northern German mysticism
  • Arthurian romances
  • Comic tales

Myrto Aspioti

  • Post-war and contemporary German-language literature and visual culture
  • 20th and 21st century European thought
  • Minority cultures and multiculturalism debates in the German-speaking world
  • Narrative theory

Petra Bagley

University of Central Lancashire

  • Contemporary German women's writing
  • Intercultural literature
  • Travel writing

Elise Bath

Newcastle University

  • Holocaust representation (particularly visual)
  • Museum display analysis
  • Memory & national identity
  • Photographs in Holocaust narratives

Clare Bielby

University of York


  • Violence & Representation
  • German Terrorism
  • German Gender Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Perpetrator Studies

Caroline Bland

University of Sheffield

  • Late 19th and early 20th-century literature
  • Constructions of femininity, sexuality and motherhood in German society and culture
  • Women's contribution to political discourse: feminism, class and nation

Elizabeth Boa

University of Nottingham

  • German Literature 1766 - present
  • Kafka, Thomas Mann, Wedekind
  • Feminist criticism and women’s writing
  • Heimat discourse

Sarah Bowden

King's College London

  • Medieval literature, especially Early Middle High German
  • Confession and penance
  • Genre and literary history

Mary Boyle

Großbritannien-Zentrum, Humboldt University Berlin

  • Medieval German
  • Medieval English
  • Medieval religious writing

Rebecca Braun

University of Lancaster

  • 20th & 21st century German literature
  • Authorship
  • Celebrity
  • Issues of reception and cultural memory

Deirdre Byrnes

NUI Galway

  • Writings of Monika Maron & GDR literature
  • Post-Wende writing
  • Memory discourses & the politics of memorialisation

Sophie Burt

University of Oxford

  • Contemporary German cinema
  • Agency in film
  • Gender & Ethnicity

Elizabeth Catling

Würzburger Dolmetscherschule

  • Translation Studies (Applied and literary translation)

Helen Chambers

University of St Andrews


  • Literature 1830-1939 (esp. T. Fontane, J. Roth)
  • Nineteenth-century women's writing
  • Humour
  • Anglo-German cultural relations

Bettina Codrai

(Formerly) University of Southampton

  • Contemporary German-Jewish literature and culture
  • Identity discourses and discourse theory (gender, national, minorities, cultural identities)
  • Comparative literature (USA, EU, Jewish literature, minority literatures)
  • Cultural studies (esp. discourses on TV, comedy, cinema, media, youth and popular culture)

Clare Copley

University of Manchester

  • Urban history and the politics of space (particularly Berlin)
  • Memory and memorialisation
  • Power, subjectivity and governmentality
  • National Socialist and Cold War architecture

Wini Davies

Aberystwyth University

  • German sociolinguistics, especially
    - standardisation processes
    - language attitudes & awareness
    - linguistic variation

Susannah Eckersley

Newcastle University

  • Museums, heritage, culture & contemporary uses of the past
  • Difficult histories, trauma, memory & identity
  • Migration, expulsion & borders
  • Architecture, built heritage & place attachment

Elaine Ewart

  • German Romanticism
  • Heligoland and the North Sea coastline
  • Nature writing and ecocriticism

Allyson Fiddler

University of Lancaster

  • Contemporary Austrian literature and culture
  • Women’s Writing
  • German-language film and theatre
  • Political readings of contemporary European culture

Helen Finch

University of Leeds

  • W.G. Sebald
  • H.G. Adler
  • Queer Identities in German Culture
  • Issues of Gender in German Literature

Melody Flumendorf

International House London

  • German-Jewish history and literature
  • German children's literature
  • Multilingualism
  • GDR literature and history

Toni-Lynn Frederick

University of Reading

  • Holocaust representation in documentary cinema
  • Hollywood and the Holocaust
  • Artistic responses to genocide
  • Holocaust testimony
  • Representation of German women in Holocaust-related films
  • Representation of Holocaust-related landscapes
  • Strategies of re-enactment


Anna Gielas

University of St Andrews

  • History of Science
  • History of scientific publishing
  • Gender Studies (1750-1850)

Jenny Graaf (formerly Grogan)

University of Nottingham


  • Heimat
  • 1944-1950 expulsions of Germans
  • Monuments and museums
  • German Film

Josefin Graef

University of Birmingham

  • Political violence
  • Memory studies
  • National and European identity
  • EU policies

Brigid Haines

Swansea University

  • The 'eastern turn' in contemporary German culture
  • Herta Müller
  • German women's writing

Andrea Hammel

Aberystwyth University

  • German-speaking refugees 1933-50
  • Exile Literature
  • Kindertransport
  • Contemporary German Literature

Andrea Hanna

Queen's University Belfast

  • Viennese Volkstheater
  • The Fool
  • Comic Theatre
  • Bakhtin - the chronotope

Arnhilt Johanna Hoefle

IGRS, University of London

  • Austrian literature, especially S. Zweig, E. Jelinek
  • Theories of Cultural Transfer
  • Reception
  • Translation

Emily Jeremiah

Royal Holloway, University of London

  • Contemporary GErman and English-language literature and culture
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Maternity and ethics
  • Translation and transnationalism

Sara Jones

University of Birmingham

  • Memory theory
  • Representations of the GDR
  • GDR cultural history
  • Transitional justice

Jeannine Jud

National University of Ireland, Galway

  • GDR literature
  • Christa Wolf

Susanne Kord

University College London

  • Issues of canonicity / canon formation
  • Women's literature and culture
  • Eighteenth / nineteenth-century literature
  • Cultural Studies (film; interaction of social, philosophical or legal issues with literature)

Katya Krylova

  • Austrian literature, film and culture
  • Ingeborg Bachmann, Thomas Bernhard, Hugo von Hofmannsthal
  • Contemporary Austrian literature (Elfriede Jelinek, Anna Mitgutsch, Doron Rabinovici, Robert Schindel) and film (Ruth Beckermann, Eduard Erne, Margareta Heinrich, Florian Flicker, Ulrich Seidl)
  • Critical theory, memory studies

Henrike Lähnemann

University of Oxford

  • Medieval German Studies, especially
    - Northern German Mysticism
    - Text-Image-Music
    - Bilingual Texts (Latin – Vernacular)

Karen Leeder

University of Oxford

  • Contemporary German Literature
  • GDR Literature
  • Translation
  • Poetry
  • Rilke
  • Brecht

Karina v. Lindeiner-Stráský     

The Open University

  • Literature & Politics
  • Literature and Film, Adaptation
  • Narrative Strategies
  • Exile Literature / Klaus Mann
  • Literature and History
Ina Linge
  • Gender and feminist studies
  • Queer theory
  • History of sexology and psychoanalysis
  • Autobiography and life writing

Margaret Littler

University of Manchester


  • Contemporary literature
  • Turkish-German culture
  • Gilles Deleuze
  • Science and Literature

Rosie MacLeod

University of Bangor, North Wales

  • Modern Austria
  • Modern German-language women's writing
  • Gottfried Benn
  • Rainer Maria Rilke

Annegret Marten

King's College London/Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

  • Language Philosophy and Walter Benjamin
  • Monsters, the monstrous and the ineffible
  • Modern theatre production contexts

Lyn Marven

University of Liverpool

  • Contemporary Literature and Culture
  • Women’s Writing
  • Migrant Literature
  • GDR Literature
  • Translation

Frauke Matthes

University of Edinburgh


  • Gender and Masculinity Studies
  • Transcultural literature and culture
  • Comparative Literature
  • Travel and migration writing
  • Postcolonial Studies

Nicola McLelland

University of Nottingham

  • German linguistics & sociolinguistics
  • History of linguistics
  • History of language learning and teaching (HoLLT)
  • Medieval German literature

Rebecca McMullan

Trinity College Dublin

  • The work of Christian Kracht

Áine McMurtry

King's College London


  • Modern German and Austrian Literature
  • Ingeborg Bachmann
  • Multilingual Literature
  • Yoko Tawada

Birgit Mikus

University of Oxford

  • 19th-century literature (incl. philosophy and intellectual history)
  • Women's writing (18th-20th centuries)
  • Political literature (esp. women's)
  • Brecht (politics and music), drama theory

Joanna Mimmack

  • Translation

Beate Müller

Newcastle University


  • Representations of the Holocaust
  • GDR literature
  • Censorship Studies
  • Modernism
  • Literary Theory

Helga Müllneritsch

University of Liverpool


  • 17th-19th century cookery books & manuscripts
  • The 'Frauenkochbuch' as an artefact
  • Women as authors/scribes and owners of handwritten cookery books
  • Recipes, their origins, cultural & medial aspects, and relationship to consumer behaviour

Marissa Munderloh

University of St Andrews

  • German cultural identity
  • Performing arts, especially performance in outdoor urban environments
  • German hip-hop
  • Hybridity, national identity and language


Iga Nowicz

King's College London

  • Contemporary second-language writing in German
  • The memory of the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s in German and post-Yugoslav literature
  • German Orientalism and Postcolonial Theory
  • Feminist theories of voice, body and ethics

Hannah O'Connor

Cardiff University

  • Lesbian literature
  • Gothic literature
  • Interwar literature
  • Gay literature

Emily Oliver

King's College London

  • Post-World War II occupied German
  • Anglo-German cultural exchange
  • German Shakespeare performance
  • Memory & memorialisation

Sophie Payne

University of Reading

  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Feminism
  • New/social media

Janet Pearson

University of Sunderland

  • Hermann Broch: mass culture and individuality
  • History of Ideas
  • Comparative Literature
  • Narratology
  • Psychology of fashion

Ellen Pilsworth

University of London

  • German Romanticism and the 18th century
  • Women's writing
  • Folk literature and German National Identity
  • Medieval Literature

Hilary Potter

University of Bath

  • Cultural memory and identity
  • The Rosenstrasse protest
  • German-Jewish history
  • Film, memorialisation

Mererid Puw Davies

University College London

  • Modern German literature, film and culture
  • Fairy tales and fantastic literature
  • Gender issues
  • The West German protest movements
  • West Germany and West German culture
  • Poetry and translation

Gillian Pye

University College Dublin

  • Contemporary Prose and Drama
  • Materiality and the Built Environment 
  • Comedy and Comedy Theory
  • Pop-literature

Joanna Raisbeck

University of Oxford

  • 18th-century studies
  • Philosophy and intellectual history
  • Romanticism

Barbara Rassi

University of Southampton

University of Surrey

  • Radio (Austria, Germany, UK)
  • Contemporary Austrian / German History
  • Women's History & Feminism

Andrea Reiter

University of Southampton

  • Post-war Jewish writers & intellectuals in Austria & Germany
  • Holocaust literature
  • Exile literature
  • Thomas Bernhard

Elizabeth Robinson-Self

University of Edinburgh

  • Concentration camp poetry
  • Cultural production and events in concentration camps

Eve Rosenhaft

University of Liverpool

  • 18th-century studies
  • Gender and financial culture
  • Black German and colonial studies
  • Holocaust studies, especially the persecution of Sinti and Roma
  • History of photography

Dorothy Rowe

University of Bristol

  • Weimar women artists and photographers
  • Sexuality and the city in Imperial and Weimar Germany
  • Expressionism
  • Neue Sachlichkeit

Kate Roy

University of Liverpool

  • German literature by 'culturally Muslim' writers
  • Translation, 'rewriting', and the strategic manipulation of difference
  • Text/image assemblages
  • Gilles Deleuze
  • Orientalism

Claudia Sandberg

University of Southampton

  • German cinema
  • Latin American cinema
  • Exile and diaspora in cinema

Anna Saunders

Bangor University

  • GDR history and culture
  • Transition of Eastern Germany
  • The built environment
  • Memory Studies


Joanne Sayner

University of Birmingham


  • Politics of Remembering
  • Cultural Theory
  • Autobiography
  • Twentieth Century Women’s Literature

Christina Schaeffner

Aston University, Birmingham

  • Translation Studies
  • Political discourse and translation
  • Translation didactics


Melanie Selfe

Birkbeck, University of London

  • Brecht, especially:
    - Me-ti, Buch der Wendungen
    - on Hegel

Rose Sillars

Aberystwyth University

  • Ina Seidel
  • Vicki Baum
  • The influence of Nietzsche on the novels of Vicki Baum

Anne Simon

  • City of Nuremberg (Middle Ages-present)
  • The letters of Katerina Lemmel, a sixteenth-century nun
  • Saints' cults, especially Saint Katherine of Alexandria
  • Relationship between text and image

Emily Spiers

University of Oxford

  • Contemporary women's writing and gender
  • Translation
  • Narrative Strategies
  • Pop-literature

Cydney Sturgess

University of Sheffield

  • Lesbian networks and identity
  • Sexological research (1800-1940)
  • Constructions of gender and sexuality
  • Weimar women's writing

Alexandra Olivia D. Tait

University College London

  • Postwar German art, literature and film
  • Postware German history
  • German theory (Frankfurt School)
  • German representationso of the familial/family

Nicola Thomas

University of Nottingham

  • Comparative literature
  • Landscape, space and place
  • 20th-century poetry

Carol Tully

Bangor University

  • German/Spanish literary relations in the nineteenth century
  • Cultural exchange in nineteenth century Europe
  • Nineteenth century women's writing in Germany
  • Franz Baermann Steiner

Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly

University of Oxford

  • Early modern German literature and culture
  • The literary and artistic representation of women
  • Nineteenth century German women's writing
  • German court culture, including the role of women at court

Cornelia Wech

University of Lancaster

  • Contemporary German & Austrian literature
  • Gender & Masculinity Studies
  • Elfriede Jelinek
  • Intermediality

Godela Weiss-Sussex

IMRL / King's College, University of Cambridge

  • 20th-century women's writing
  • Modernism / Modernity
  • German-Jewish literature
  • Writing the City
  • Science and literature in the early 20th century

Erica Wickerson

University of Cambridge

  • Thomas Mann
  • Literary Modernism
  • Narrative time and space
  • Franz Kafka

Elisabeth Wielander

Aston University

  • German as a Foreign Language
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning
  • Second Language Acquisition

Judith Wiemers

Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • 1920s and 1930s German musical film
  • 1930s Hollywood musical
  • Film and theatre in Weimar Germany

Juliet Wigmore

University of Salford (retired)


  • Women's Writing
  • Monika Maron
  • Elisabeth Reichert
  • Austrian Literature & Culture

Jane Wilkinson

University of Leeds


  • Border cultures and border theory
  • Contemporary German-speaking theatre and drama
  • Migration and transnational experience in Germanic culture, particularly theatre and drama
  • Languages and Intercultural Communication

Chantal Wright

University of Warwick

University of Ottawa


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