Women in German (WiG), USA Women in German is the sister organisation of WIGS in the USA, providing a democratic forum for all people interested in feminist approaches to German literature and culture or in the intersection of gender with other categories of analysis such as sexuality, class, race and ethnicity. WiG is committed to making school and college material inclusive, and is dedicated to eradicating discrimination in the classroom and in the teaching profession at all levels.

Women in Spanish and Portuguese Studies (WISPS) WISPS is an informal group of colleagues concerned with feminist studies and with the role of women in British Luso-Hispanism. Women colleagues in Spanish and Portuguese Studies throughout the tertiary sector are welcome to participate.

Women in French (WIF) WIF aims to promote the research of women and feminism in the literature, language and civilisation of France and other french-speaking countries. A primary goal of the organisation is also to facilitate the exchange of information on the status of women in francophone countries within the tertiary sector in the USA and UK.

Think German

The 2010 Think German campaign promoted German in diverse aspects of UK life. Encompassing conferences, concerts, competitions and a career fair, the 2010 Think German campaign had a great impact in raising the profile of German and was prominently featured in the press in both the UK and Germany. Building on this success, the Think German website continues to serve as a portal for all things German in the UK, providing an instant overview of the services offered by partner institutions and helping you discover why it’s worth thinking German! Website:


Routes into Languages Routes into Languages is a consortium of universities working together with schools and colleges, to enthuse and encourage people to study languages.



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COPAC records represent a wide range of materials. Mainly books, reports and periodicals, but others such as videos, music, and electronic journals are included. Increasing numbers of records include links to the full-text of the document.
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Parkes Institute The Parkes Institute at the University of Southampton, a centre for the study of Jewish / non-Jewish relations, has an outstanding library and collection of archive resources for the study of Jewish history and culture. Details about the MA in Jewish History and Culture are also available via the Institute's website.

Other specialist German associations in the UK:

Association of German Studies:

Association for Modern German Studies: