Register of Freelance Women Germanists


The Freelance Register is currently undergoing a thorough update! WIGS members who wish to be on the new register are kindly requested to fill in this info sheet and email it to Simone Schroth, the Register's coordinator.


If you are looking for someone from our register of freelance women Germanists who might be available to undertake lecturing, translation, tutoring, editing or similar work, click here to send an email to Simone Schroth.

The WIGS Freelance Register aims to put WIGS members interested in freelance work in touch with companies and organisations looking for tutors, teachers, translators and researchers. Those members interested in being included in the Register should supply details of their name, date of birth, address, telephone/fax number, qualifications, research/teaching interests, experience, and type of work sought to Simone Schroth .

With the existence of the WIGS Register being widely advertised, German departments, publishers, translation agencies and other organizations in need of the expertise of listed members are able - free of charge - to gain access to services offered by members on the Register, meaning that a viable link between WIGS members and potential providers of work is established.

Members may also be interested in consulting the Society of Authors website, which provides advice and information for translators, and holds a database of translators.